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VIDEO: Trolling Pipeline With RC Surfer

If you have $250 burning a hole in your pocket consider one THESE RC Surfers and you’ll never have to paddle out to...

Irritating Tourist Gets Bodied By Angry Elk (Watch)

Hey you. Yes, you! See that massive animal with horns longer than your forearm? Yeah, that’s an elk. Elk might look like larger versions...

Millie Knight to Represent England in Karate at Para Commonwealth Games

17th July 2022The former paralympic skier has been selected to compete for England in the Commonwealth Games. NEWKnight’s debut Paralympics was the...

Summer Ski Jumping Is Terrifying (POV Video)

The fact that ski jumpers keep practicing all year long thanks to modern technology is pretty incredible. Watching one of their POVs...

Pilot of Failed Plane Swap Stunt Admits He Ignored FAA

The Red Bull Plane Swap event that livestreamed on Hulu last week was a disaster. Here’s a little context for those of you...