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Montana Ski Resort Sees Its First Snowfall Of The 2022-23 Season

By Ian Wood | October 12, 2022 9:32 am ET Red Lodge...

WATCH: Close Encounter With Grizzlies Sprinting On Alaskan Footpath

“I was hiking to Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park when I heard loud footsteps coming down the trail. I looked up and...

Group Caught On Video Trashing Biscayne National Park, Suspects Identified

State and federal authorities are currently investigating an incident in which a group of individuals were caught tossing their garbage into the...

Reckless Skier Causes Crash After Entering Trail From Unmarked Glade (Watch)

GoPros are really good for catching random skiing accidents happening out on the hill. You could spend literally hours (I know because...

Rednecks Jump Ford Raptor 90 Feet! (Insane Video)

How do Rednecks have more fun than jumping quad bikes on a dirt track? Oh, I don’t know, how about jumping a $60k+...